Positive engagement between young people in the Bogside and community workers has led to the removal of dozens of tyres which had been gathered for a bonfire.

It's understood that tyres previously stored under the Lecky Road flyover have now been removed which will significantly reduce the environmental impact.

A solution was found following "meaningful conversations" between community workers and young people.

It is hoped that this positive engagement is maintained before the August 15 bonfire.

A spokesperson for Long Tower Youth Club wrote on Facebook: "Over the summer period young people have been engaging with the community in meaningful conversations around the removal of tyres from the bonfire site in the Bogside.

"Fair play to the young people for engaging positively with the youth and community workers on this issue and today as a result of this meaningful dialogue our community has seen the removal of over 230 tyres from a bonfire site in the Bogside.

"The young people have worked with the community and have requested that the council assist them in the removal of the tyres with their full support and the support of the community.  Well done to everyone involed in this process."

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