A Derry woman has shared her story of addiction in a video that now has 18,049 views.

Debbie McLaughlin was attending a meeting of Heal the Hurt, a local charity which offers free counselling to those suffering from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse.

Debbie told the audience how she started using drugs from the young age of nine, in a video which has moved many.

She told the audience about how she first used morphine when one of her children was two days old.

"I'm sure anyone who's used morphine knows that it's a Class A drug and to get it from a doctor you have to be gravely ill. I was gravely ill physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

"I was a walking lie, my life was a lie," she said.

An emotional Debbie said that her six children were taken from her at different points during their lives. "My wains were getting in my way of drug use and that's just me being honest, and thank God I have wains that have a good understanding today and they won't mind me telling the truth," she said.

Debbie told the audience about she spent time in Gransha Hospital and even tried to take her own life, at one point living in a back bedroom at her parents house, where she was injecting heroin.

When she met Liam Stewart, founder of Heal the Hurt, Debbie candidly admits she was trying to buy drugs.

Before she met Liam, she wasn't ready to give up her addiction - but she has now been clean for over 11 weeks. "I haven't looked back," she said.

"A week ago yesterday, it was my birthday and it was my first clean birthday in 21 years but instead of being happy, I was down, it was my first birthday that I missed my wains from my heart.

"I had four of my children with me Saturday, Sunday and yesterday and they were the three best days of my life," she said.

"If there's anybody here tonight who knows someone or is that person, please reach out to Heal the Hurt."

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