A statement has been issued today by Junior McDaid House following a number of arrests made at the political hub in Chamberlain Street in relation to disturbances in Creggan at the Easter Monday Commemoration parade.

Trouble broke out during the Easter Commemoration parade and petrol bombs were hurled at police vehicles.

Out of a number of men arrested at Junior McDaid House, seven have been charged with offences in relation to that day.

Joe Barr was the spokesperson this afternoon at Junior McDaid House, which houses the offices of Saoradh, IRPWA (Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association) and Eistigi.

Mr Barr said that Saoradh did not organise the Easter Monday Commemoration in Creggan and that the PSNI were aware who the organising body was.

He said that the men arrested at Junior McDaid House last week had been 'charged with no evidence presented' and now 'face restrictive and draconian conditions placed on them by the Crown Forces'.

Mr Barr said there was a 'provocative' approach taken by the PSNI ahead of and during the march in Creggan. He also said that, even though the previous year's event had been 'officially notified', 'well marshalled' and had 'passed off without any incident' that 'Crown Forces chose to arrest 17 Republicans for attending what was a peaceful Easter Commemoration'.

He added that a local parish priest in Creggan had been warned by the PSNI ahead of this year's commemoration that 'if the parade wasn't properly notified that the Crown Forces would prevent the parade and arrest those taking part'.

He said that the 'provocative warning coupled with the attack at the Republican Sinn Féin Easter commemoration in Lurgan' which also resulted in arrests, 'only heightened tensions on the day in Creggan'.

Mr Barr posed a number of questions about the actions of the PSNI on the days leading up to the march and on the day itself.

He said: "The fact remains that the Crown Forces chose to ignore neutral reasonable voices which suggested they implement a sensitive and logical approach on the day, instead adopting a heavy and aggressive presence which increased heightened tensions."

For more on this statement and photos of the statement being issued at Junior McDaid House see this Thursday's Derry News.

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