A protest entitled 'Not In Free Derry' is to be held at Free Derry Museum this week against the inclusion of RUC and British Army dead in a list of Troubles victims.

The protest will take place on Friday from 11:45am-2:45pm.

A spokesperson for the protest said: "By now I'm sure you have heard about the video reel in the museum of free Derry, this video shows the victims of the troubles between 1969-1972.

"Contained in this video are the names of the British occupying forces both RUC and army.

"This shows complete disrespect for those on the list that have been murdered by the establishment. We the people of Derry want these names removed.

"This is not creating a hierarchy of victims as suggested by Jeffrey Donaldson. What we want is to be able to remember our dead without a reminder of those who occupied, tortured, maimed or murdered our friends and loved ones.

"Nowhere will you find the names of 14 innocent people murdered and still without justice by the paratroopers on any of their memorials nor will you find any victim of the British occupying forces remembered along side any memorial that bares their names.

"Please join with us outside the Museum of Free Derry on Friday the 2nd of June at 12pm to show them that we will not stand for it. We want this to be neutral and would request only placards with Not in Our Name or Not in Free Derry."

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