People Before Profit have announced they plan to stand in any forthcoming Westminster election.
A party statement said: "People Before Profit will stand for the Foyle seat in any forthcoming Westminster election. No one else will raise the issues we raise. Socialists are gaining ground across world because we are willing to challenge elites and corporations who put profit ahead of people and the planet. Every vote for People Before Profit is a vote for an alternative to a rotten system that's grinding ordinary people down.
"Our two newly elected Councillors in the Derry and Strabane Council have shown the difference socialists make when it comes to standing up for ordinary people. In the face of growing inequality, rising foodbank dependence, attacks on our public services and the threat of a hard border - we need fighters not passive seatholders.
"Sinn Féin and the SDLP treat the Foyle seat like it's their royal prerogative. Since election as Foyle MP Elisha McCallion has been a non-factor - except to complain about the size of hotel rooms in London. Sinn Féin say they will stand up to the Tories but they voted to introduce Tory welfare reforms and cut taxes on corporations along with the DUP and Alliance. They warn Brexit will lead to food shortages - but welfare cuts has local people going to foodbanks.
"The SDLP pose as an opposition party but their last MP abandoned ship for Fine Gael while his party announced a partnership with the other party of the southern establishment Fianna Fail. In the last Westminster election the SDLP said Jeremy Corbyn's socialist manifesto was 'too radical'. What's 'too radical' about reversing privatisation, abolishing student fees, increasing taxes on the wealthy and corporations and establishing real living wages?
"The bottom line is that neither Sinn Féin or the SDLP can or know how fight for the people of Derry and Foyle. They've long abandoned people power and are now fully enmeshed in business as usual politics. This gets friends in high places but it gets ordinary people nowhere.
"We will stand on uncompromising opposition to Tory welfare cuts and austerity - and uncompromising opposition to a Tory no deal Brexit and hard border. 
"The people of Ireland - not Tories in Westminster or elites in Brussels - will decide what happens here. No one wants a hard border and mobilising people power North and South is the way to ensure it doesn't happen. If there's any attempt to impose a hard border we will push forward the demand for a referendum to remove the border completely. We will campaign with the vision of a new Ireland -  a socialist Ireland - for the many and not the few."


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