THE SEARCH for missing Derry man Andrew Quigley will today enter its third week.
Volunteers and divers yesterday again scoured the banks of the River Foyle for the 19 year-old Galliagh man who was last seen in the early hours of January 18.
Andrew is believed to have taken his own life by jumping into the local river.
Items belonging to him were found on the Foyle Bridge.
The tragedy has led to hundreds of people turning out to help the search for the young Derry man.
It has also led to a public debate about the need for better drug treatments facilities in the city.
Andrew’s family have admitted that he struggled with a drug addiction for a significant before his suspected death.
A rally was held at the Peace Bridge on Saturday calling for improved drug treatment facilities.
The rally was also in support of local charities, Foyle Search & Rescue and HURT, who were recently turned down for government funding to open a new counselling base in the city centre for people found in distress around the River Foyle.
Speaking at Saturday’s rally, Andrew’s mother, Collette, said she had tried to help her son.
“As a parent, as a mammy, I tried my best,” she told the crowd of several hundred people.
“I took him for help but the door was shut in our faces.”
Ms Quigley said she was told to bring her son back when ‘he is off the drink and drugs'.
“He could not get off the drink and drugs, he was addicted,” she said.
“I was so naive to think my love alone could pull my son through this. I was so naive.
“I thought he would get to an age and he would turn a corner - but he never did - and if it happened to me and my family then it can happen to anyone.
“My heart is beating, the blood is pumping round my body but I feel dead - I feel as if I let him down, because I stick up for other people - and I feel as if I Iet him down - but not anymore.
“This place needs something where the wains can go - because that's all they are.
“He might have been 6'3'' but he was only a child with a brilliant life in front of him and that life got destroyed. He had his own wee problems. The last four years has not been easy with one thing and another and he took it all on his shoulders and his only escape was to take drugs.
“I am just so sorry Andrew, I am so sorry that I let you slip through my fingers I should have beat in doors.”

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