Two family members who had relatives killed by the British Army during the Troubles have ended their sit-in protest at the Museum of Free Derry after an agreement was reached.

Linda Nash, whose brother William Nash was killed on Bloody Sunday and Helen Deery, sister of Manus Deery who was shot dead by the British Army in May 1972 started their sit-in last Wednesday.

The pair had objected to their loved-ones names being included along with those of British service personnel and asked that they be removed.

They were adamant they would not leave the museum until the names had been removed.

The Museum of Free Derry agreed to take down the exhibition earlier today with a view to restoring it to it's original format at some stage.

A spokesperson for the museum said: "The two women, Helen Deery and Linda Nash, have left the building. Following the intervention of a third party, the Bloody Sunday Trust put the following proposition to Helen and Linda which they have agreed to.

"The Bloody Sunday Trust, in an attempt to resolve the impasse, and in response to the expressed concerns about the health and wellbeing of the protesters, is prepared to remove, in the interim, the current exhibit, and redisplay it more in keeping with its original format.

"In return we expect the two ladies to leave the museum.

"The Bloody Sunday Trust agrees to engage in discussions to find an acceptable way forward. Discussions will begin on Monday 11 September under an agreed facilitator.

"The Trust also wishes to say that the consultation with relatives of victims who live in Derry has now been completed and these results will be published within the next few days."

Linda's sister Kate Nash confirmed that the pair had made the decision to leave the museum: "The exhibit has been taken down by the museum in order to facilitate dialogue and the two ladies have agreed to leave the museum as a reciprocal gesture.

"Both parties are in agreement to this and may I take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful support."

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