The ten seats in the Limavady and Benbradagh wards have been filled.

After a full day of counting at Coleraine Leisure Centre, the final candidates were revealed this evening.

Sinn Féin gained four seats, DUP won two, SDLP took two while UUP and TUV secured one each.

Early this morning, DUP’s Alan Robinson topped the poll in the Limavady ward after securing 1,451 votes.

Councillor Robinson’s party colleague James McCorkell took the second seat while Sinn Féin’s Brenda Chivers secured the third.

The fourth seat went to SDLP’s Gerry Mullan.

Aaron Callan of the UUP had a lengthy wait before finding out that he had secured the fifth and final seat.

Speaking afterwards, Alan Robinson dedicated his win to his MLA father George Robinson.

“My father has built up Limavady DUP to the power base that it is today,” he said.

“This is quite a victory for me personally.  It is testament to the work I put in day and daily.  The Limavady public, the town I love, the people, they deserve all the support they can get and I am determined to give them that support.”

The candidates who lost their seats in Limavady ward were Richard Nicholl (UKip), Howard Gordon (TUV), Jason Allen (SDLP), Jonathan Holmes (DUP), Rory Donaghy (SF) and Raymond Kennedy (UUP).

Meanwhile, in the Benbradagh ward, Sean McGlinchey, Sinn Féin councillor and former mayor, took the first seat after he topped the poll with 1,460 votes.

TUV’s Boyd Douglas took the second seat after he secured 1,160 votes.

Sinn Féin’s Tony McCaul (pictured above being congratulated by MLA Cathal Ó hOisín) and Dermot Nicholl also secured seats in the Benbradagh ward along with SDLP candidate Orla Beattie.

Congratulating the other successful candidates, Sean McGlinchey said: “Hopefully coming into a new council, we can all work together.”

The candidates who lost their seats in the Benbradagh ward were Michael Coyle (SDLP) and Edgar Scott (DUP).

The results:

Limavady DEA:

Alan Robinson (DUP)

James McCorkell (DUP)

Brenda Chivers (SF)

Gerry Mullan (SDLP)

Aaron Callan (UUP)

Benbradagh DEA:

Sean McGlinchey (SF)

Boyd Douglas (TUV)

Tony McCaul (SF)

Orla Beattie (SDLP)

Dermot Nicholl (SF)

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