A Derry woman has claimed that her daughter could have been killed after a large stone was thrown through a window of their house.

Marie Gallagher said her 18 year-old daughter, Fianait, had fallen asleep on the sofa in the living room when the missile came through their window.

The large chunk of stone broke through the window of the house at Altcar Park in Galliagh, landing in the centre of the room and shattering the glass all over the interior of the house.

The incident happened at 1.45am on Friday morning.

“I had been talking to my sister on Facebook and we had both been complaining we couldn’t sleep,” she said.

“We had just been sharing photos of my late brother, whose birthday it was.

“It had been a hard week for me anyway because it had also been his anniversary just a matter of days beforehand.

“Then all of a sudden I heard this almighty crash and smashing and my daughter began screaming.

“I ran into the living room and she was shaking, there was glass everywhere and I saw it had come from a huge paving stone that had come through our window.

“I am decorating the living room and had just moved my sofa from under the window hours beforehand.

“Fianait had fallen asleep on the sofa so you can only imagine how scary it would’ve been waking up to that.

“Not only that but, if the sofa had been where it was just a few hours earlier, it could have come in on top of her and killed her or she could have been sliced to ribbons by the falling glass.”

Ms Gallagher said she and her teenage daughters, Fianait and Richael, ran outside to see if they could see anyone running away.

They didn’t see anyone but believe there was a man speaking on a phone nearby.

“We didn’t catch everything he said but part of it sounded like he said, ‘That’s it busted now, only one more thing to do’.

“My daughters were so scared wouldn’t let me go over to see who it could have been but we don’t have anyone that would bear us any ill will.

“It’s only myself and my two daughters living here and my health isn’t the best so I wouldn’t even be out that much.”

She added: “I just don’t know what kind of person would do this or why but I hope that if anybody in the area saw or heard anything they will come forward.”

A police spokesperson said: “Police are investigating an incident in which a brick was thrown through a window at Altcar Park in the Galliagh area of Derry.

“The incident occurred at around 1.45am on Thursday.  A motive has not been established. The number to call is 101. Information can also be given to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”

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