A charity disco with an 1980s theme will take place in Derry next month.

The event will be held at the Delacroix on Saturday, June 14.

It has been organized to raise money for the Derry-based Jigsaw Project.

The charity works with children aged 8 and over who have ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder).

The Jigsaw Project organizes a range of activities for the children and also provides support for their families.

The charity was formed last year and has been described as a lifeline for ASD sufferers and their families.

The ‘80s disco has been organized by a group of volunteers led by local woman Lana Campbell.

Lana said that a similar event last year was a huge success.

“All proceeds on the night like last year will go to the Jigsaw Project,” she said.

“Last year’s event was a great success still being talked about and it seems to be getting even bigger this year.

“The Jigsaw Project is a local youth and support group an non profitable organisation that gives a safe haven to those children on the spectrum with ADHD and Asbergers it is run by an amazing group of volunteers lead by Sonya Blakely.

“These children have to struggle with daily routines in society at school in public often looked upon as difficult.

“I would ask anyone that sees a child in the street in a playground in a classroom if their behaviour is not what society has somehow deemed correct before you cast judgement stop and think there maybe a reason for the child’s reaction outburst or and behaviour.

“I also would ask you to teach your children to reach out to the quiet kid in the corner of the playground who maybe finding it difficult to join in and they may often like different things these children are not being antisocial they are struggling and if people are taught awareness out there from an early age daily life for these children can be so different.”

Tickets are for next month’s disco are £10 each and are available from Natural Touch Treatment Spa at Pump Street,  Barr’s mobile in Carnhill, Micky Clifford’s shop in Shantallow, the Delacroix, and Bridie’s take away at the Trench Road.

If you need other information contact the Simply the 80's for Autism event page on Facebook.

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