PICTURE: Some of the tyres that were dumped by a man in a white van yesterday in Galliagh

A man driving a white van dumped dozens of tyres at Linear Park in Galliagh yesterday, which children then used to make new bonfires last night.

The incident follows a large bonfire on Tuesday night, which car thieves then used to destroy a stolen vehicle.

An inter-agency meeting called by the Outer North Community Safety team took place yesterday, where political representatives demanded that bonfire materials – mostly stolen from businesses at Skeoge Park – be removed.

Independent councillor for the are Warren Robinson said: “I was able to have council remove the remains of the car, but they told me that they could not lift the other materials at the same time but will look into it in the coming days.

“In a further and more sinister development, I've been informed that a van has pulled up and dropped off a load of old tyres. This is completely unacceptable, dangerous and criminal and I would urge anyone who knows who did this, what company it was etc, to let council know this information ASAP.

“We cannot allow people to come into our community and dump these dangerous items and drive off without a care in the world. Last year a man was caught doing the same activity and he was convicted.”

Sinn Fein councillor Caoimhe McKnight said: “Once again the residents of Galliagh are being subjected to plumes of black smoke due to tyres now being burnt!

“Some irresponsible van driver decided to use this area as a dumping ground! A man has been caught doing this last year and was convicted and hopefully this culprit will also be caught.

“Parents, where are your kids? Are they involved? Names are being put forward so let’s hope your child’s name doesn’t come up as you will be held responsible for their actions.

SDLP councillor for the area,Brian Tierney said:  “The people in this area do not want this on their doorstep and these young people must be stopped.

“Parents, if your child is hanging around the Linear Park, there is a high possibility that they have been involved in this and other anti-social behaviour.”

In a separate development, police in Derry recovered stolen trolleys and pallets that were being transported along the Northland Road by children last night. It’s understood four children, aged between approximately ten and fourteen were involved.

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