Claudy writer, Fintan Harvey, will be launching his new comedy novel, Mickey Doc, in the central library in Derry this Thursday evening from 6.30pm until 8pm.

Mickey Doc is the story of a loveable, yet delusional, young man from Derry, who dreams of being famous, and embarks on a side-splitting journey through the X-Factor competition. The story is packed with laughs, along with a few unexpected twists and turns, as Mickey falls in love, has a stalker, unknowingly becomes part of a criminal gang, and gets a welcome reminder of the importance of friends and family. Tea and coffee will be available at the event, along with signed copies of the book, with a Mickey Doc after-party taking place in The Bentley Bar til late.

Mickey Doc has been receiving 5 star reviews on Amazon, with one reader saying- ‘This book has been a delight to read. Well-rounded, believable characters push the pace to a real page-turning climax, while still eliciting belly-laughs and genuinely touching moments throughout. A thoroughly entertaining and charming book and I look forward to reading more of Mr Harvey's work in future.’

The back blurb of the novel reads:

At the start of the year 2014, I was still just an ordinary Joe-Pope like the rest of you. I worked in a supermarket in Derry (I didn’t actually do much work in fairness). I shared a house with my Ma, Da and their annoying as f**k dog who I had beef with. (Not actual beef, although, the wee f**ker gets fed better than I do). I hung out with my childhood best friends- Marty, Decky and Stevie and was a bit of a party-boy about the town.

But, one day, my “stalker” delivered something to my door that would change my life forever. I was going to the X-Factor… and what a journey it turned out to be.

From meeting absolute weirdos, to being involved with a criminal gang. From singing my heart out in front of millions, to trying to please the woman who I think was my girlfriend and may or may not have been carrying my baby.

From the streets of Derry to the bright lights of London.

My name is Mickey Doc, and this is my story.

This promises to be a thoroughly entertaining night and a celebration of Mickey Doc.

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