Family members who had relatives killed by the British Army during the Troubles are currently staging a sit-in protest at the Museum of Free Derry

Linda Nash, whose brother William Nash was killed on Bloody Sunday and Helen Deery, sister of Manus Deery who was shot dead by the British Army in May 1972.

They have confirmed they intend to stay in the museum, including overnight until the exhibition is taken down.

Speaking about the sit-in Kate Nash sister of Linda and William said: "Today Helen Deery, sister of the murdered teenager Manus Deery and Linda Nash my sister a Bloody Sunday family member and campaigner have begun a sit-in in the Museum of Free Derry.

"This is following the refusal of the management in the Museum to remove an exhibition that displays our family members alongside state forces killed in the period known as Free Derry 1969-1972.

"We were told by the Museum management that as a result of a petition we did of over 1,000 names being handed in as a protest at this display, they would consult widely. This was on 5th June. Over a month later the Museum made public that they would now only consult with local families whose loved ones featured.

"Since then many families received a consultation from the Museum which my family submitted promptly alongside others. Since then, we have been in contact with the Museum after giving a months grace to furnish us and the public with the result of the consultation.

"We have been repeatedly rebuffed and can withstand the insult to the memory of our relatives no longer. We will remain inside the Museum in peaceful protest until the offending exhibit has been permanently removed.

"The management at the museum have been given since the beginning of June to respond to our concerns and have repeatedly sought to ignore the hurt they have caused or to delay a mature response. They have pushed us to this action and we will now see it through."

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