A WOMAN who was injured in the Claudy bombing more than 40 years ago says she is devastated that police have suspended their investigation into the atrocity.

At the weekend police confirmed that their inquiries would not continue until new information or evidence is received.

Nine people were killed and a number of others were seriously injured when three IRA bombs exploded in the north Derry village on July 31, 1972.

The youngest victim, eight year-old Kathryn Eakin was cleaning the windows of her family’s grocery store when the first bomb exploded.

In 2010, a Police Ombudsman report found that police, church and state had covered up Father James Chesney’s role in the bombing.

Last night Mary Hamilton, who was injured in the bombing, said she is “totally devastated” that the investigation has been suspended.

“For a while there the families of the victims had a little ray of hope and we thought that there would be some justice however when we were told on Friday that the investigation was being suspended, we were just left devastated,” said Mrs Hamilton, who is also an Ulster Unionist councillor.

“We feel that we have been forgotten about.  Our grief is the same as those who were killed during Bloody Sunday and other atrocities but we feel that enough hasn’t been done for us and that everything is going against us.”

Mrs Hamilton says that the families of those who were killed in the atrocity will not give up in their fight for justice.

“When I think of all those people who died in the Claudy bomb lying there in their graves, I think we owe it to them to get justice.  We cannot forget this atrocity.  I still suffer every day from pain from the shrapnel that went into my body and I know the families of the victims cannot move on.  We will now be asking for a meeting with the chief constable but in the meantime I would encourage anyone who has any information in relation to the bombing, no matter how small they think it is to contact police and help us to keep the investigation open.”

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