The Enagh Youth Forum have said they are concerned about their future and the impact that would have on the community in Strathfoyle.

The group have said that they may not be able to host their yearly summer intervention programme.

Established in 2010, Enagh Youth Forum are a small grassroots community based youth led group located within Strathfoyle.

Eamonn O'Donnell of Enagh Youth Forum said: "We hope that many of you will agree that as a group we have and continue to make a positive contribution to youth & community development processes locally.

"As a group we are currently concerned about what this years summer intervention will include or if it will even happen!

"For the first time since EYF came into existence seven years ago, this year the group will struggle to deliver its summer intervention, outdoor pursuits 'active outdoors' project and outreach diversionary programme due to a lack of funding.

"Over these past couple of years EYF has been dependent on The Break Out Project which was a four year Big Lottery Funded project managed and administered by the Lettershandoney & District Development Group providing vital support for young people in a number of rural communities across Rural Foyle including Strathfoyle and Maydown. However this programme now comes to an end next week!

"We have a few applications currently pending but all current funding streams are hugely competitive and all of us here at EYF are really worried about the sustainability of the group moving forward .

"Some of our current services include: A comprehensive summer intervention programme, employment advice/job ready programme, the provision of a wide range of diversionary activities, outdoor pursuits and social and personal development and capacity building.

"Enagh Youth Forum is genuinely concerned that the lack of these services on the ground will impact negatively on the young people of Strathfoyle and the wider community will suffer as a result.

"However Enagh Youth Forum will now endeavour to do it’s best to continue to meet the needs of local young people and to this end we will deliver what we can with the support of local volunteers for which we are grateful.

"We are aware that we are not alone in struggling to provide services at a grassroots level with limited resources and recognise that the current political impasse is having a detrimental impact on working class communities right across the North.

"We will continue to raise awareness of these issues and continue to campaign and lobby for better and greater services for all young people. The reality is that communities are struggling out there and maybe its time to stand up for communities.

"If your interested in volunteering, please get in touch!"

The group stressed that the Strathfoyle Community Empowerment Project & World War 2 In Derry History Project will continue as normal and that their concern relates directly their inability to continue to provide much needed 'youth provision' and positive activities.

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