The game doesn't need another unionist referee.

An intervention by Theresa May, with respect, is not what the North needs right now.

The British government are so hopelessly embedded with unionism that the prime minister's appearance at the Stormont talks would jeapordise rather than cement agreement. This is not a case of an honest broker arriving but rather that of a hometown referee descending.

Her arrival will at best antagonise nationalists and at worst raise their suspicions to the point where they will refuse point blank to accept any deal she is part of.

The British government, at present, are not reliable guarantors - if, indeed, they ever were. Their continual flip-flopping over the Customs Union could have monumental, permanent consequences for our island.

The precarious nature of their administration, completely dependent as it is on ten DUP MPs, means they are unable to deliver anything they promise - unless these same ten DUP MPs sanction it.

Ultimately, an honest agreement in the North is necessary - one negotiated by representatives with clean hands.

This cannot happen while the DUP - who, let's remember, corrupted the last Stormont government to the point that everyone else walked away - remain unreformed.

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