East Derry MP Gregory Campbell has criticized the recent visit of American civil rights campaigner Rev. Jesse Jackson to Derry.

Mr Campbell said that Rev. Jackson was only interested in one side of the story and did not engage with unionists during his visit.

Rev. Jackson was in Derry last week to officially open the new Museum of Free Derry. He also met with representatives of Sinn Fein and the SDLP and visited Oakgrove Integrated College.

Mr Campbell said: "He isn't the first and undoubtedly won't be the last American to fail to see both sides of a divided society while proclaiming their belief in 'Equal Rights'. Mr. Jackson visited the grave of Martin McGuinness, did he visit any other graves while he was here, for example any of those whose lives were taken before Martin McGuinness decided the violent path wasn't working for him?

"He was photographed holding partisan publications claiming collusion between loyalists and the security forces, did he seek to hear the more accurate side of that story from those whose job it was to try and maintain peace while society teetered on the brink of collapse?

"His visit is being used by those whose narrative needs bolstering as it lacks credibility, after he has departed the work of trying to bring people together will continue, but it will do so despite his visit not because of it."

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