The Derry public has been urged to attend a protest against U.S. president Donald Trump this evening.
A protest opposing Donald Trump's visit will be held today in Guildhall Square at 5.30pm.
Protest organiser Cllr Shaun Harkin said: "Donald Trump embodies everything that's wrong in the world today. He's a billionaire who won support by fuelling racism, sexism, homophobia and hatred of the vulnerable. He poses as a rebel but he's a class warrior for the super wealthy and corporations. He has defended murderous white supremacists in the US and embraced the far-right across the globe. What he stands for represents a threat to humanity.
"For all these reasons and many more he should never have been invited here. Thousands have been on the streets of Ireland and Britain to unwelcome him.
"Trump has talked about wanting to see the NHS privatised -- but this is already happening. Trade unionists, community activists, nurses, teachers and social justice campaigners will be joining together in Derry to add our voice to the opposition to Trump and his politics of hate.
"We are interested in building a people power coalition that organises for a world without everything that Trump stands for. We are for solidarity, cooperation and equality. Trump tramples on these values so the rich and corporations can plunder public services and the planet for profit."
Photo: Shaun Harkin protesting on the streets of Derry.

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