Police in Derry have given those hoping to get drugs online a bit of friendly advice as they realise it would be difficult to ring police to complain when they get scammed!

PSNI Foyle shared the witty post with a point on their Facebook page:

It read:

'Don’t know if I should be really sharing this but here goes:

We get lots of reports about this. The best and quickest thing to do is report it to Facebook who can get it removed and delete other fake accounts linked to the same user.

To the best of my knowledge if you contact these numbers a man from Cameroon replies. You can place an order with him and they then request payment by unrecordable Western Union transfer (at this point I would get suspicious). They keep you on board by sending you screenshots of mail with your address on. You then send your money.

Guess what happens next: 1. You don’t get that happy package ?, 2. You don’t see your cash again

What you gonna do then? Ring 101: “good evening Officer I placed a hefty order for £1,000 of ecstasy but it has not arrived! I demand justice” - yeah good luck with that mate #ReportToFB #PleaseOrderAwayAndLoseYourDrugCash

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