A 30-year-old Derry man who has 'a turbulent domestic history' with his mother has appeared Derry Magistrates Court charged with a further breach of his bail conditions.

Sean O'Connor, of Fern Park in Derry, appeared before the court after breaching his bail by being at his mother's house at the weekend.

The court was told that police had had called O'Connor's mothers house on an unrelated matter.

While there they heard a noise coming from the roof space and asked the woman was anyone there.

Police investigated and found the defendant hiding there.

The defendant told police he had been there for about an hour and identified himself after initially giving false details.

An officer told the court the defendant was not allowed in his mother's house and bail was opposed due to the fear of further offences.

Defence solicitor Seamus Quigley said it was 'a tragic case' where both O'Connor and his mother had alcohol addictions.

He said police had not been sent for. but had been at the house 'randomly' and there was no suggestion of further offences.

Deputy District Judge Liam McStay said that the District Judge McElholm had made his attitude clear and had given the defendant a ‘final warning’.

He said O'Connor had been given his warning ‘but didn't take it’.

However, the judge said he would release the defendant on bail again.

O'Connor was released on his own bail but had £250 of his surety taken by the court.

The case was adjourned until September 19.

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