Only the SDLP's Angela Dobbins has so far managed to get across the electoral line in the Ballyarnett DEA in Derry.

But, the tale of this stage in the DEA is that Independent Warren Robinson looks very likely to be eliminated at the next count.

The second and third count has seen no further candidates achieve the quota of 1,368 in the six seat area.

Sinn Fein candidate Neil McLaughlin was eliminated at the second stage. His tally of 538 was then divided amingst the remaining candidates.

The results at this stage are therefore as follows:

Nuala Crilly (PBPA) +8 and is now on 927

Sandra Duffy (Sinn Fein) +87 and is now on 992

Rory Farrell (SDLP) +15 and is now on 1,270

Anne McCloskey (Aontu) +18 and is now on 1,086

Aileen Mellon (Sinn Fein) +102 and is now 953

Brian Tierney (SDLP) +17 and is now on 1,299

Warren Robinson +10 and is now on 672 and looks like he will be eliminated at the next stage.

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