THE fallout from Loup’s controversial win over Glenullin on Sunday, is expected to be discussed at Thursday night’s meeting of Derry CCC.

Speaking to the County Derry Post, County Chairman Brian Smith stated he would be ‘very surprised’ if the item is not on the agenda and outlined the options available to the fixture chiefs:  “It will either be refixed or Loup would be awarded the game.

“When the decision is made, it is the right of either club to appeal and based on where it goes from there,” Smith added.

Glenullin were contacted but declined to comment, choosing to let the Derry CCC deal with the outcome.

Loup travelled to Glenullin for Sunday’s division one clash but the home side refused to take the field within the allotted 15 minute window. Their grievance was the appointment of Declan O’Connor, who was called in after the previously appointed referee was unavailable.

The game was scheduled for 3.00pm and after 15 minutes the Dungiven whistler threw in the ball - with just Loup on the pitch. Terence O’Brien took the ball and passed it for Anthony O’Neill to finish to an empty net.

“Then he blew the whistle, and Loup went into the changing rooms,” stated Loup PRO Seamus Wilson who was in attendance. “Glenullin took to the field at about 3.18, thinking the game was going ahead but O’Connor said the game was basically void and Loup had won by a goal.”

Wilson did sympathise the club’s stance: “We can understand it to a point, but at the same time they knew from Friday who was refereeing. It was on the Derry website on Friday that he (Declan O’Connor) was down to referee it.”

Derry’s referee chairman and current referee Sean Curran made the trip to Glenullin in a bid to resolve the matter and offered to both teams that he would take charge of the game, but O’Connor insisted he would be the man in the middle.

Wilson added: “The match was due to start at 3.00 and I came through the gates and 2.40 and I was standing at the changing room and I heard the commotion starting. Loup were out warming up, Glenullin were in the changing rooms and Sean Curran arrived, deciding he was going to referee the game.”

“The Loup said ‘why should we let you referee it’ and in fairness Declan O’Connor wasn’t for budging and the ball was going to be threw up.”

According to Wilson, Glenullin are adamant they are going to get a refixture, but acknowledged it is the CCC’s decision.

“The Loup will be arguing strongly against it, not for a handy two points but just for sickening fact that we had to go up there and why should we be dictated to by Glenullin?   We are standing our ground, we were taking the field and if you can’t take to the field that’s your problem.  It’s Glenullin’s problem with Derry, it’s nothing to do with the Loup.”

It is understood, that all spectators were refunded their £3 admission fee as they left.

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