A Derry running club is taking part in a huge cancer fundraiser in memory of the members it has lost to cancer.

Bolt Running Club have become one of the biggest community running clubs within the North West over the last five years.

They have had hundreds of members during this time, many of whom have been directly and indirectly effected by the disease.

Bolt Coach Caolan Campbell said the club has been a means of support for many of its members through their cancer journey.

“We have experienced members who have fallen direct victims of cancer.

Friends of ours. People who were some of the most active, to becoming unable to run at all.

“The camaraderie within the club has been there to help them fight through their battle and ensure they were not alone, despite how many times the cancer came back.

“Our members watched friends suffer, but never let them suffer alone.

“Being part of our club is being part of one of the most supportive clubs who recognises the challenges others face.

Mr Campbell said the club has also helped members who have been bereaved by cancer.

“Many of our members have had family members who have been victims of cancer and in some cases, sadly, passed away.

“We without doubt noticed the suffering that impacted our runners.

“Our club recognises the extensive channels of pain that Cancer creates and it was no surprise that we had become so passionate about being actively involved in the Relay for Life event.”

Bolt has now put two teams forward for the Relay for Life event at St Columb’s Park on June 24 to raise money for Cancer Research.

‘Team Bolt’ and the ‘Bolt Soul Sisters’ are currently fundraising to raise sponsorship for the event.

“Our club’s response has been fantastic to the event and we currently have two great teams who already have raised fantastic amounts,” continued. Mr Campbell.

“The Relay for Life event is an opportunity for us, as a club, to celebrate the survivors of cancer and also remember those who have not been so fortunate.

“The challenge of having members of the team on the running track for 24 hours is something we took as an exciting opportunity.

“Our club is passionate for challenges whether it be from running your first 5k to completing a marathon or even a quadrathlon, as a club, we support each other to overcome each challenge and the Relay for Life is another way we can express how together we can beat cancer.”

This is the first time Derry has ever hosted the relay for life, which is billed as the world’s largest fundraising event.The relay is being organised by the Legenderry Cancer Research UK Committee, who also organised the ‘Slide On’ weekends in Shipquay Street.

For more information on Legenderry Relay for life event log on to www.relay.cancerresearch.uk.org search Facebook for Legenderry Cancer Research UK or follow them on Twitter @legenderryrelay

You can also contact the organising committee on 07967998136.

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