Home Cooking Column - By Barbara Collins

Try these for Pancake Tuesday and you’ll make them all year round. The buttermilk makes them SO fluffy. They are great with fruit and yoghurt or bacon and maple syrup. Yum!


1 egg
50 grams butter (melted)
2 tsp vanilla extract
125 grams plain flour
40 grams caster sugar
Half a tsp baking soda
Half a tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt


Put the wet and dry ingredients into separate bowls, Whisk each one lightly.

Add roughly half of the dry mix into the wet and whisk smooth, not too long. Add the remainder of the dry mix and barely whisk together. Make sure all of the flour is mixed in, You don't want to beat this too much as it strengthens the gluten in the flour and makes the pancakes tougher. Let the batter sit for a bit. It’s better that way. Heat a non-stick pan on a low- medium heat.

Drop a scoop of batter onto the pan. The most important point is to cook these pancakes slowly. Too fast and you'll burn them, or worse yet, you'll have pancakes with gooey liquid centres. A good rule of thumb is 90-120 seconds per side. If they burn before that, your pan is too hot. If things are at the right temperature, you'll know it is time to flip, without timing, by the small bubbles forming at the top of the pancake. When it is covered in small holes, the edge of pancake will start to look dry. This is the time to flip.


The first pancake always comes out wrong. Eat it and carry on for the proper ones.

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