AcuPoint of the Week: HeGu

Ask anyone to locate the one acupressure point that they’re aware of and inevitably they will show you the web between their thumb and forefinger and proudly state that location is perfect to push on to get rid of a headache.

Yes, that point, Large Intestine point #4, is great for headaches, as well as number of other ailments. This is a point on the Large Intestine channel but it has a profound effect on Qi (your body’s energy system) and your sense organs; eyes, ears etc.

It is a very strong analgesic point, used for all types of pain. It also helps the smooth flow of Qi.

HeGu is good for: Headaches, toothache, sore throat, facial paralysis, constipation, delayed labour. Plus loads more!

Hitting the spot

The best way to find the “actual” point location is to find where your thumb and pointer finger meet towards the base of your wrist.

Once you’ve located that area, slide your finger along the bone of your pointer finger about a half an inch towards the tip and then come out off of that bone towards your thumb.

Another easy way to find the exact location of is to squeeze your thumb into your index finger and the top of the “lump” created by the web is your spot.

Feel free to apply some acupressure to this point if you feel you are suffering from any of the above - or - drop me a line to see if I can help you.

Elaine McMenamin Lic. Ac Dip. Ac. C. Ac. (Nanjing)

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