The Credit Union “Mission Statement”

Our vision is to satisfy the social and economic needs of our members with dignity and integrity, by offering in a co-operative manner and on a not-for-profit basis, full financial services for everyone in the surrounding Ballyshannon community.

The Credit Union Story

A Credit Union is a Financial Co-Operative owned and controlled by its members. Ballyshannon Credit Union Limited was established in 1962 and there are now some 6,500 members.

The purpose of the Credit Union is to provide us with good financial services, designed around our needs, mainly in the area of loans and savings. The funds saved stay within the community and provide us with loans – there are no outside shareholders or interests. We continue to improve services and strive to develop our Credit Union. We elect a Board of Directors at our Annual General Meeting in December each year, to set policy, direct and control the Credit Union. The Board elects a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and various committees to act on member’s behalf. Our Manager and staff members look after the day-to-day operational needs of our members. Each Credit Union must appoint an Independent Public Auditor who will examine all their books and records to ensure that the Credit Union is financially sound and operating within the law; the Auditors will present their report at the Annual General Meeting.

As a member of Ballyshannon Credit Union Ltd:

• You have an equal say in the running of Ballyshannon Credit Union Ltd.
• You have access to fair and competitive rates on savings and loans.
• You are helping others through the Members Savings Pool, which is used to provide financial assistance to other members.


Bridgend, Ballyshannon, Co Donegal
[email protected] 071 98 52288